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Polish (Poland)English (United Kingdom) Advertising

Polonia Birmingham is the biggest information website for polish people living in Birmingham. We actually have about 150000 visits per month and it is increasing every day. Our visitors are mostly young people who already live or plan to come to Birmingham in the feature. Your advertisements on our website can help many people to find out about you and take advantage of your offers.

We would like to show you below how many option of advertisement you can choose.

1. Banner advertisement on

  • Billboard 980x90 (random rotation x4)

Availability on website: all pages except: Katalog firm and Friends
Availability formats: jpg, gif, flash
Availability size: 980x90 pix.
Max file size: 50kb


  • Banner 468x60 (random rotation x4)

Availability on website: all pages except: Forum, Galeria, Katalog Firm and Friends, Filmy
Availability formats: jpg, gif, flash
Availability size: 468x60 pix
Max file size: 40kb


  • Halfbanner 234x60

Availability on website: Home page, news articles.

Availability formats: jpg, gif, flash
Availability size: 234x60 pix
Max file size:30kb


  • Banner 300x250     (random rotation x4)




Availability on website: Homepage, Articles, Guide, Birmingham, Entertainment  Classifieds ads, Forums, Job
Availability formats: jpg, gif, flash
Availability size: 300x250 pixeli
Max file size:40kb

Printscreen illustrating the position of banners

Banners being shown in time (the multiple of the month, minimum 1 month). To every banner we can free of charge add the article (written by the advertiser) with photographs with links....( one page of the  Word format ) the Article will be available after clicking on the banner and shown so long as the banner

Please contact as for more datails

2. Listing in Business Directory (available in English)

Business directory is an excellent place to the promotion of your business. The catalogue offers much function very much, therefore you will be able to present one's company and at any time to make changes as well as to control the popularity of the listing.<


Click to see price-list

Click to submit listing

Business Directory Homepage

3. Sponsored article on

Article written by the advertiser, at the beginning available on the homepage then available at the archive through the unlimited time. The sponsored article can contain photographs and the link to the advertisers website. It should be provide as one page of  the Word format.

If you have any questions or you are interested in receiving the detailed price list or statistics of our website, please contact as
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